Intellectual Property

The world has shifted from the industrial age to the intellectual age, meaning that having an intellectual property attorney is essential to your business growth. You’ve worked hard for your small business, from conception to creation, so why not protect it? Whether you are looking for a trademark or service mark, patents, copyrights, or protection for your trade secret, clients trust us for their small business’ IP needs. Are you ready to protect your brand and turn your ideas into assets?


Business and Corporate Law

From start-ups to “mom and pop” shops, having an experienced business attorney on your team adds tremendous value to your business, not to mention, peace of mind for you. In fact, almost half (42%) of start-ups fail within their first year due to misreading their market or legal challenges. Having an attorney who understands transactions, business & corporate law is essential to protecting your business now and for many years to come. Lumenite Law is committed to educating our clients on the latest laws and guiding them confidently while avoiding the most common legal pitfalls.

Trusts and

Estate planning is an important aspect of protecting your business. Whether you have invested less than one year or a lifetime building your business, you need to have a plan in place for your team to execute in your absence. It could also help your estate save time and money by avoiding probate court and its high costs. Thousands of people pass away unexpectedly every year. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has proved this fact of life. However, when you invest a bit of time and resources today, you can rest well knowing that the team and family you love will be protected in the future. 

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Our goal is simple: provide top quality legal solutions at affordable rates, tailored to the needs of hardworking visionaries like you.